TP24 supports workwear supplier with £250,000 to give them quick access to capital


Location: Midlands

Industry: Footwear and Clothing

Revolving Credit Facility: £250,000

Our client

Our client has been operating for over a decade focussing on supplying workwear/ footwear, safety gear and PPE to businesses.

The challenge

The ability to access quick capital without the need to use their businesses overdraft.

Our client was looking for a financial solution to get quick access to capital without the need to use their business overdraft. Their goal was to manage their finances effectively to make full use of growth opportunities, and navigate unforeseen challenges.

The solution

We provided our client with a facility that would give them the option to draw down up to £250,000 on the same day to take advantage of stock purchases at the most competitive prices. This will allow our client to grow at a much faster pace, avoiding the need to drain their own cash flow.

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