TP24 facilitates a new client's switch from existing IF solution to flexible revolving credit line.


Location: South East England

Industry: Data Management

Revolving Credit Facility: £500,000

Our client

Our client is a specialist in sustainable resource management and ESG commitments.

The challenge

Our client faced challenges with their previous invoice finance facility. These challenges primarily revolve around the poor customer services, high associated costs and a lack of flexibility. This situation was not only hindering their business operations but also reflecting in their growth opportunities.

The solution

We proposed transitioning to a revolving credit line which is more cost effective. By refinancing with a revolving credit line, their business significantly reduced its financing costs. With our service they are now in close contact with our dedicated team who prioritise their needs.  

Beside that, most important is the flexibility and adaptability we offer. Rather than being tied in, our revolving credit line provides funds that they can withdraw whenever they need to. This allows them to respond to changing market conditions, grow their businesses or manage unexpected expenses. 

We are glad that we can support this business with a £500.000 credit line and give them more financial stability and flexibility.

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