TP24 offers tailored financing solutions for growing outsourcing business


Location: South East England

Industry: Multi Disciplinary Outsourcing

Revolving Credit Facility: £300,000

Our client
Our client assists their clients through an array of services ranging from IT services and advisory to marketing and talent acquisition.

The challenge
Our client had secured significant new business for 2024 as well as refinancing another facility. This situation made them look into alternative options for a more flexible and transparent financing solution. To make sure their company can manage the new business it was necessary to get more working capital to absorb the high amount of upfront costs and cost of staff.

The solution
The objectives of our client were very clear to secure new working capital. We have offered them a forward-thinking approach to not only cut their costs immediately but to accommodate their increased business and allow them to keep growing as our Revolving Credit Facility evolves with them. We are very excited to be part of their growing journey and be their long-term financial solution.

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