TP24 funds manufacturing company with £250,000


Location: South East England

Industry: Design & Manufacturing

Revolving Credit Facility: £250,000

Our client
Our client is a specialist in commercial signage and end-to-end solutions for corporates and advertisers. From the initial design to manufacturing and stocking, our client creates visually compelling and durable signage all based on their clients needs.

The challenge
As the company secured substantial new business for 2024, they encountered the challenge of managing the significant upfront costs. They recognised the need for a flexible working capital solution to manage those financial demands. 

In collaboration with a financial advisor they have explored various financial options and specific needs. Their objective was to find a solution that not only provides the capital to cover immediate expenses but also offers flexibility to adapt to the changing market dynamics.

The solution
In the dynamic landscape of business operations, project demands often fluctuate. Recognising the inherent ebbs and flows in project cycles, a flexible financing solution was needed. 

Our Revolving Credit Facility acts as a safety net providing the client freedom to dip in and out of the funds as project demands require. This ensures them that essential resources are ready available to support their ongoing operations. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also helps building trust with their suppliers and clients.In essence, our financing facility serves as a strategic enable, empowering the client to navigate through the competitive landscape and scale their market presence.

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